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Jonathan Jackson Foundation

 Jonathan Jackson Foundation’s vision is rooted in the conviction that Kenya’s prosperity hinges on equipping its vulnerable segments with requisite tools and resources for self-empowerment.

Their foremost commitment centres on uplifting the prospects of these specialized interest groups, often categorized as Not in Education, Employment, or Training (NEET). The focus is directed towards cultivating diverse and sustainable income avenues through the establishment and ownership of various enterprises. This endeavour seeks to enhance their economic standing while fostering lasting social transformation.

Economic Empowerment

Jenga Bizna

The core objective of "Jenga Bizna Mtaani" is to foster the creation of employment opportunities and the generation of viable income streams. This initiative is specifically designed to enhance the quality of life for young individuals, women, and Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) in Nairobi's informal settlements.



Nairobi City Stars stands as a community-rooted men's football club situated in Kawangware, established in the year 2003 under the appellation of World Hope Football Club. The team's roster comprises youthful individuals hailing from marginalized and socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds.


"Bakee Mtaani" represents a novel community-driven endeavor that has established designated basketball courts within the informal settlements and communities of Nairobi. This innovative initiative serves as a fun and safe space for the purpose of involving and engaging youth.

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Basketball Courts

Economic Empowerment

Bizna Mtaani

Bizna Mtaani collaborates with community groups and existing training initiatives, fostering sustainability and meaningful impact in our projects. These partnerships enhance coordination and establish synergies in implementation.

In conjunction with K–Shoes, they co-developed a two-month Social Entrepreneurship (Mini-MBA) Training. This comprehensive program equips participants with essential entrepreneurial, leadership, and personal development skills. Trainees undergo a transformative journey, empowering them to formulate, nurture, and present business concepts for potential seed funding.

Working alongside the Fresh Cuts Foundation, they provided a two-month professional training program focused on hairdressing, barbering, and beauty therapy skills. Targeting marginalized individuals aged 15 to 35, the program’s 2020 launch successfully graduated over 100 youths. Additionally, seven barbering machines were granted to accelerate the careers of these graduates.

Nairobi city Stars

In April 2019, JJF took over the club when it faced relegation to the third tier of the Kenya Football League. With JJF’s dedication, a strong management team was assembled, leading to a remarkable resurgence. By December of the same year, Nairobi City Stars achieved promotion to the prestigious Kenya Premier League.  Through their support and the power of football, JJF champions Nairobi City Stars’ mission, empowering communities and fostering societal transformation.

Bakee Mtaani

Bakee Mtaani’s commitment to creating safe and empowering environments is deeply rooted in the belief that sports can inspire personal growth, nurture talent, and foster positive societal transformation. Through basketball, it has aspired to empower the youth, offer opportunities for self-expression, and contribute to the overall well-being of the communities it serves.

In 2021, our scope extends to constructing 12 strategically positioned basketball courts, featuring both half and full-size installations. These courts serve as invaluable sanctuaries, fostering transformative social dynamics and furnishing platforms for youth to showcase their talents, forge connections, and channel their energies constructively. By immersing themselves in their passion for the game, these spaces play a pivotal role in diminishing the likelihood of the youth succumbing to negative influences like crime, prostitution, and substance misuse.

Our Footprint in Nairobi's informal settlements

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